Clerkenwell Design Week 2015!

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015!

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015!

We’re a little late telling you about our fantastic trip to Clerkenwell Design Week but now we’re all fully recovered we can tell you all about what a great day we had at the 6th anniversary of this annual festival! CDW is one of the most exciting design events in the UK and it is something we look forward to year after year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet up with industry friends as well as all of the movers and shakers in the business. This year, we meant business! We attended in force. A design heavy force. Our Director – Adam and our Interior Designer partner, Charlotte had just about touched the ground at Stanstead airport before making their way to Clerkenwell to fuel up for the day. By fuel up we mean scoffing our faces at The Fourteenth Colonie (, one of Clerkenwells coolest eating spots…we know, we know, we’re supposed to be working but…one’s gotta eat! By this point Adam and Charlotte hadn’t eaten for at least 2hrs and if there’s two people not to withhold food from – it’s these two!


Eventually…we got a notification of the imminent arrival of our Design Manager, Nicole. If you’ve not started using Uber yet, we couldn’t recommend it enough. We didn’t know a taxi service could be so sleek as well as slick – with everything being booked via the app, from booking it to paying for it, Uber makes taxi-ing a hell of a lot easier. You’re told how long your taxi will be as well as the name of the driver, photo of the driver, number plate and make of vehicle and then spend the next minute or two being glued to the map showing your taxi weaving it’s way through the busy streets until it gets to you – on time and complete with a very friendly, helpful ‘Uberian’. Note: You don’t have to stare at the screen whilst the vehicle makes its way towards you but there’s just something satisfactory about it!

Anyway, we digress…


There is no brighter way to start your CDW experience then nipping in to see Debbie at Connection, where, as usual, there were ice cold refreshments at the ready. You may remember we were at the showroom just a couple of weeks ago but by this point the showroom was a different place. Transformed into a (word!) which fits perfectly in amongst the high-end, sophistication that is this design event. The showroom was bursting with new and exciting products, opulent, luxurious fabrics in vivid and dazzling colours. We didn’t know which way to look! You only need to read our previous posts to see how big a fan we are of Connection and their products and we do have our all time favourites but this event is all about new trends and concepts so we’ll namedrop a few of our new favourites.


Scandinavian design with bright colours has made a huge breakthrough in the design market once again and this time, it isn’t just for domestic interiors and we’ve moved much further forward than ‘Ikea’ with this trend. We’ve seen some beautifully designed boardroom tables with upholstered seating and brightly laminated tops. The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are known for their simple, minimal and functional interiors, we love it and can’t wait to begin specifying some of these pieces in future projects. Some of our favourite pieces include: Tryst, Mortimer, Horizon and (wooden table in pic..???)


Being the amazingly hilarious comedians that we obviously are, Adam, Charlotte and Nicole all spent far too much time trying to think of something ‘funny’ to write on this fantastic dry erase wall. Apparently we weren’t that funny this day so we took the opportunity to thank Debbie for our tour instead! We know it’s been done before and chalkboard painted walls are about as overdone as (something!) but the guys at ‘IdeaPaint’ have made it all a hell of a lot easier and universal. IdeaPaint is a clear coating which means you can paint it over practically anything. We can think of some pretty creative ways to use this and it is a fantastic way to make use of any large blank walls! We can’t wait to get it in our offices – we just need to avoid getting brush happy or else we’ll find ourselves in the centre of a comic book! A wise word though, make sure it is obvious which wall you can write on and which one you can’t – nobody wants ‘Daz waz ere ’15’ or ‘Emz 4 Daz’ permanently splashed across their perfectly painted, IdealPaint free walls…


We eventually allowed Debbie to take a break from us lot (we’re all talkers…!) whilst we took a stroll up the street to The Gallery. We’ve spoken about The Gallery in a previous post and told you all about AirCharge so we won’t rave about this again (we do love it!). The Gallery houses a few inspiring bits and pieces and is always worth checking out their latest showcasing products. Tangent have got creative with their desking and have displayed a fascinatingly textured desk with accompanying bright orange desk pads. The photos don’t do it justice but take our word for it, someone got creative here! Now, sometimes we don’t all like it, our Design Manager hates it, but sometime we just have to be practical about things, which is where Silverline comes into its own. Manufacturing steel office furniture for over 30 years, Silverline know what they’re doing and they do it well. Every now and then they throw in a curveball and get us all excited with a newly created product with a splash of colour but at the end of the day, they are what they are, and they are just filing cabinets. What Silverline do excel in are the choices of locking systems – confidentiality is of the utmost importance in many offices these days and with options including key locks, combination locks and fingerprint security you can be sure documents that are filed away will never be tampered with.

Another couple of hours had passed so of course, it was lunchtime. We took a 5 minute walk up to one of our favourites, The Modern Pantry.


Have you guessed that the sun was out?! It’s against the rules to take to Instagram without a sunglasses shot when the sun is shining – just to prove to the world that we do see some sun in the UK! Anyway, The Modern Pantry never fails to please and satisfy our taste buds but always make sure you take a trip to the loo to take advantage of the Aesop Hand Wash and Moisturiser, it’s worth going to The Modern Pantry just for this!

Back to work we go, but not before visiting the intriguing looking Bert & May stand…I use the word ‘stand’ losely – they had a boat! This is the first time we’ve come across the design visionaires, Bert & May ( and tucked away behind The Zetter, we’re glad to have stumbled over it. With a focus on reclaiming the finest quality wood and producing the most stylish tiles, Bert & May do the job and they do it well. We never knew how creative you could get with tiles and wood but their impressive flat bottomed steel barge serves only to inspire, enabling you to explore the possibilities behind a ‘home’ of less than 50 square metres. Stepping inside the Barge is a revelation. Whilst writing – we have found ourselves a little distracted and are over the moon to read that as of 1st July we can stay in one of their spectactular barges, available on Air BnB, take a look here. All commendations for this beautifuly, light, airy and spacious living space goes to Laura Fulmine, Interior Designer of Bert & May – what this home lacks in squared metres, the interiors certainly make up for it. When can we move in?!

Unfortunately and once again our London trip must come to an end. What we have noticed and learnt for next year is that we need to schedule in two days for this event, there’s just too much to see and too much to miss if you only visit for one day. Next year we hope to get our thinking caps on and plan our trip to enable us to get to see everything and anything – we don’t want to miss a think next year!!