iStick – what a wonderful thing!

iStick – what a wonderful thing!

iStick – what a wonderful thing!

We’ve all been there….stood in a bar asking the first stranger you see to take a photo of us and our friends and whilst we’re all grinning in trepidation your iPhone tells you it’s all out of storage. There’s only so much time you can keep the stranger hanging around waiting for you to prepare yourself for the ‘must have’ photo until they’re going to give up and head back to the bar themselves!

Being a fan of the odd selfie or two ourselves (depending on who you’re talking to within the company… some of us like a few more than the odd one or two. Mentioning no names..Dan Smith…ahem!),  you can imagine our excitement when we happened to meet Matthew Breen, Marketing Manager of iStick, on a Virgin train travelling from Birmingham New Street to London Euston. All off to the same destination, we got chatting and the rest as they say, is history!

We are huge fans of the iStick, the world’s first USB flash drive with Apple lightning connector. iStick is the only Apple approved USB flash drive for use with iOS, PC & Mac and is a fantastic way of transferring files between your apple device and any PC or Mac – whilst we’re lovers of email/cloud-type storage we are also as frustrated as the next person when an internet connection isn’t available and we desperately need a presentation ready for a meeting we have in 5 minutes time.

As well as this, it is also worth reminding ourselves of the recent scams, scandals and outrages that suggest this way of storage is not as safe and secure as we all like to think. Call me a skeptic but I for one am fully aware that there are people out there who can hack into the world’s most safe and secure online drives, so news of iClouds recent hacking scandal doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Combine this with the time Dropbox was down to all users for a whole day and you start to wonder whether there is a safer way of storing your files. So that’s enough horror stories on online storage – we are sure that 99.9% of the time this type of storage is more than sufficient but it would be nice to know there is a way of storing important documents that doesn’t depend on the intangible mystery that is big old World Wide Web. This…is where the iStick comes into its own and should be a must have for any professional (or serial selfie-taker!)





We are the preferred education partner for ‘iStick’ whichs means any school looking to purchase the iStick can pick up the phone to us to discuss their requirements and be sure they are getting the best service. Our customers can therefore benefit from our account management service and credit terms.

To find out more about the iStick take a look at our video here:

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