Thomas Lloyd – Norwich

Ian Smiths have been a revelation to do business with since we moved our account to Ian Smiths our company has saved money and considerably reduced our Stationery costs. Ian Smiths have shown time after time that they can do anything we need and not just Stationery. Ian Smiths have also managed to look after everything from our building works to odd items that we thought we could only find on the web. The most important thing for us as a small business is that they have consistently delivered great service and saved us time and money. Ian Smiths and our account manager have been nothing short of brilliant and I would recommend that any business should consider trying Ian Smiths.

Danielle C – Birmingham

Working with Ian Smith Group has allowed us to remove a vast amount of both product cost and administration costs. Consolidating our supply chain has been a very easy process with their expert assistance and industry knowledge.
If you have been thinking about this for sometime, don’t put it off, they will do their utmost to get the right solutions for you. The national roll out for the online ordering system of over 30+ sites was seamless.