7 Vivid Print Ideas to Maximise your ROI in 2018

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7 Vivid Print Ideas to Maximise your ROI in 2018

With all the noise of digital marketing, traditional print has emerged as one of the modern marketer’s most effective tools. According to the Rochester Institute of Technology, it now yields an average 13-to-1 return on investment (ROI) ratio. The question is: how can you make sure your print gets noticed? Here are 7 innovative print trends for 2018.

Stay in touch with visual trends
Remarkable design comes before all else, giving your brand an identity while demanding attention from your customers and prospects. With that in mind, staying on trend with modern design shows you’re ahead of the curve. This year double exposure, duotone images, gradients and colour fonts are must-have design features. What’s more, Pantone has named Ultraviolet its Colour of the Year for 2018 and 80s-style graphics are making a comeback. Try bringing some of these elements together to show that you’re a leading force.

Formats that don’t just fit in
Remember that A5 flyer that dropped into your letter box last week? No? That’s probably because the designer hadn’t considered the many remarkable formats now available. Try experimenting with a unique form that evokes wonder as it opens and unfolds like origami. Or opt for an unusual shape that complements the design, like simple rounded corners, a jagged edge, or a stencil cut out which makes for an enticing window inside.

Quality that needn’t shout
The tactile feel of the material (known as stock) can make all the difference. Weighty print with a quality matte or satin finish feels great between fingers and thumbs. On trend right now is the rustic recycled look. But if you want to make a real impression, you could consider using multiple types of stock within your print. Heavy card on the outer cover mixed with a range of stock on the inside gives your print a unique look which is bound to get talked about.

The personalised touch
These days, printers are able to personalise every element of print with your customers’ names and details. By using a dynamic printer, you can incorporate your recipients favourite colour, word, or image into the actual design – all this as part of a fully automated process. This opens up a whole new world of targeted print marketing which allows you to segment your customers and reach out to them with a personal touch. Customisation has been shown to enhance ROI on every marketing channel. Why not try it with your print?

It’s all in the finish
If you want your literature to light up like a beacon, anything’s possible. Right now, there are an incredible range of print finishes to delight in. Spot UV ink may cost a little more at the printer, but their vivid, glow-in-the-hand colours practically guarantee a reaction. Another brilliant technique is foiling, which can give your print a shiny, metallic feel that catches the light. The crinkled foil touch is particularly dazzling. You can even ask for an embossed finish, giving your print a 3D effect that you can’t help but touch.

Bridging the digital gap
Once a joke, it seems that QR codes are making a comeback. While, they now come in various new guises, such as Snap Codes, Spotify Codes and Messenger Codes, they essentially do the same job (albeit with a little more style). This makes the leap between print, web and purchase seamless.

More exciting is the development of print Augment Reality (AR). Companies are already experimenting with designs that literally come to life under the watchful glare of a smart phone – providing additional information, videos and even games. Here’s to the future!

Test your print performance
Testing the effectiveness of your print marketing is easier than ever. By driving customers to certain landing pages on your website you can pull off simple analytics to see how effective your campaigns have been. The same technique can be used when offering a deal with an associated order code. Simple techniques like this can be used with A/B testing. This lets you trial two variations of the same campaign and compare the results. By doing this, you will be able to see which campaign has provided the best ROI then tweak it the next time round.

There’s no doubt that print is an exciting place to be right now. With so many creative options to consider, building a beautiful brand with effective sales materials seems like a no-brainer. However, stitching all the elements together isn’t easy. Get in touch with Ian Smith Design & Print, your experts in print and design for the latest advice, ideas and techniques today.